On June 28, the one-day flight volume of China Eastern Airlines resumed to 1339, and is expected to resume to 1466 on June 30. Since April, the flight volume has resumed to a new high. As the largest major base airline in Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines was seriously affected by the epidemic, and the sharp rise in the average daily flight volume shows the rapid and steady resumption of work and production process of China Eastern Airlines, and also demonstrates the spirit of the civil aviation people that "the great pass is like iron, and now we are going to climb over the top".
From the static management of Shanghai to now, as the "actuarial center" for the company's business decision-making and the "design center" for flight scheduling, China Eastern Airlines' Business Committee has never stopped adhering to and ensuring. Faced with the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, the party members and cadres of the Commission of Commerce rose to the challenge and took the lead in guarding the front line. On the premise of building a strong "safety wall" for epidemic prevention, they went all out to promote key production tasks, overcome difficulties at the most urgently needed nodes, strengthen "computing power" for business decisions, add help to flight scheduling, and ensure "two hands and two mistakes" in epidemic prevention production.
"Our workload has multiplied"
"In the four months from March to June this year, our workload has doubled." Referring to the flight support under the influence of the epidemic, liuyanan, assistant general manager of the network capacity Department of China Eastern Airlines Commission of Commerce, said. At the beginning of March, the epidemic caused by the Omicron variant of novel coronavirus suddenly attacked Shencheng, followed by a large number of passengers canceling their trips. It became the biggest task of China Eastern Airlines' transport capacity team at that time to reasonably allocate transport capacity resources to increase efficiency and reduce losses for the company.
Civil aviation capacity arrangement is a systematic project. A certain flight has been canceled, which means that the aircraft will not appear at the original destination. Therefore, for the next departure flight, it is necessary to re plan the capacity and continue to undertake the next flight segment. "In fact, the original scheduled flights had entered the sales system at that time, but due to the change of Shanghai's sealing and control policy and the new confirmed cases in many provinces across the country, we need to adjust a large number of scheduled flights, which involves the transportation capacity of more than 750 aircraft in the company, and the complexity of the task is not obvious." Liuyanan explained that the flight change "affects the whole body", and China Eastern Airlines' production support units should organize production plans around the arrangement of the network capacity department and Revenue Management Department of the Commission of Commerce. Where and how many planes to fly, and make a comprehensive plan, so as not to fall short of success.
In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the company's production and operation, many party members of China Eastern Airlines' transportation team showed their identity, dared to act, and shouldered heavy responsibilities. They worked overtime every day until the early hours of the morning, and racked their brains to think about how to meet the overall travel needs of passengers across the country in the reduction. Time is tight, the task is heavy, and there are few people. This brightly lit office all night is like a silent battlefield filled with gunsmoke. Where the plane stops, and where the optimal solution of the contradiction lies, affect the sensitive nerves of every Party member and cadre.
Liuyanan said that although the uncertain factors brought about by the epidemic had a great impact on their work, the party members and cadres of the network transportation department gave full play to their subjective initiative and the spirit of ownership, and combined with reality, adopted the 7-day dynamic rolling decision-making working mechanism to adjust flights, which not only improved the flexibility of adjustment, but also significantly improved the work efficiency.
Faced with a myriad of problems, the capacity team of China Eastern Airlines' Business Committee completed the reduction of more than 30000 flights in April and may, with the spirit of being as firm as a rock and never giving in to defeat. Among them, more than 1000 flights were reduced on the peak day. The majority of Party members race against time and take the initiative to do so, earnestly write their original intention in action, implement their mission in their posts, and try their best to ensure the smooth and smooth connection of flight capacity across the country, laying the foundation for the company to press the "fast forward" button for resumption of work.
"The care and encouragement of the party organization is like a 'shot in the arm' for us."
"Sorry, I've been busy. I'll contact you later." When the reporter asked Ren Yong, senior deputy manager of route revenue division 4 of China Eastern Airlines revenue management department, he replied.
Ren Yong and liuyanan are both members of the commando of China Eastern Airlines Commercial Committee. The 11 member team, composed of the main leaders of the Commission of Commerce and the party members from the network transport capacity department and the revenue management department, provided overtime support to the units stationed as early as the end of March, building the Battle Fortress of the party organization at the forefront of the war and epidemic work. "Always busy" is the true portrayal of their whole team, and all on duty is their normal work.
"We basically don't have the concept of weekends or holidays. We all go to battle together, stand by at any time, and fight day and night." In Ren Yong's view, all Party members and cadres of the Commission of Commerce have always demonstrated their political character of being loyal to the party and adhering to their mission during the epidemic period, carried forward their feelings of caring for and serving the people, and carried forward their fine style of daring to fight hard battles and being able to win them. This epitomizes the outstanding achievements of the party organizations at all levels of China Eastern Airlines Business Committee in comprehensively administering the party strictly and strengthening the leadership of Party building in recent years.
During the closed loop, many tasks become more difficult due to sealing. In order to arouse the work enthusiasm of the party members and cadres stationed on the site and calm down their anxiety, the main leaders of the Commission of Commerce organized and held heart to heart talks in a timely manner to deeply understand the ideological trends, encourage them to cheer up, answer questions and solve doubts, and effectively enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of this temporary Party group. "At the beginning, no one expected that it would be sealed for a long time. The organizational care and encouragement gave us a 'shot in the arm' and made us stick to the end." Ren Yong said.
From March 31 when he entered the company, Ren Yong never went out again in the following month. He and his colleagues took the unit as their home and lived in the company. They not only overcame the difficulties brought about by closed management and the huge pressure caused by personnel shortage, but also completed various production tasks of the Department accurately, with quality and quantity guaranteed, including continuously tracking the epidemic prevention requirements of navigation points, studying and judging the pace of market recovery in the later stage, and issuing relevant regulations on returning, changing and signing. He said that as a commando, no matter how tired you are, you can't complain. Party members and cadres should take the lead, set an example, give up their family, serve everyone, and explain their responsibilities with practical actions in special periods.
"The road under our feet is the long march of modern civil aviation people"
At 20:07 on May 20, the Shanghai Airlines fm9393 flight of China Eastern Airlines, which flew from Pudong, Shanghai to Ordos, landed smoothly. 94 students who had been studying in Shanghai for months were wrapped up in the cool evening wind and finally set foot on this familiar land. This is the first batch of flights resumed after China Eastern Airlines implemented global static management in Shanghai. Behind this hard won flight, it is inseparable from the vigorous response speed and tireless communication and fierce battle of Party members and cadres of China Eastern Airlines Business Committee.
"What impressed me most at that time was that our party members and comrades, in line with the expectation of 'let the company fly one more flight', devoted all their energy to every possible flight, did not miss any key nodes, and took the initiative to promote the coordinated progress." From May 16, when the Commerce Committee learned about the return needs of student groups, it immediately sent a letter to Ordos airport. After receiving the reply on May 17, it immediately coordinated with all support departments to confirm the aircraft and crew resources, and then finally checked the flight plan and entered the Charter information into the system for online sales. Liu Yanan's team completed all the preparations in less than one day.
Referring to the situation of aviation demand recovery after the control of several sporadic epidemics in China in the previous two years, the team of the Commission of Commerce clarified the data, summarized the rules, built a model, and preliminarily predicted the market demand and flight recovery rhythm after the unsealing of Shanghai. With 30%, 50%, 70% and 10% as the recovery standards, it divided into four stages, and scientifically and orderly prepared for returning to work and reaching production according to the plan. "Only one flight can be watched one flight at a time, one link at a time." Liuyanan said that the recovery of air transport capacity could not soar from 0 to 2000. There was a slow repair cycle.
As the epidemic prevention policies of various regions change in real time with the epidemic situation, the resumption time of each route from Shanghai is also different, which makes passengers have more concerns about travel, for fear that "they can't refund their tickets, and they can't fly their booked tickets". In order to awesome to boost the travel confidence of passengers, the team of the Commission of Commerce has taken many measures at the same time, implemented measures for the symptoms, and played a set of "combination boxing" with both strength and temperature. "Since June, we have taken the initiative to change, improve the pre judgment ability, reduce the cancellation of flights due to market reasons when approaching take-off, and strive to make the first flight possible. In addition, considering the urgent needs of passengers in the Yangtze River Delta, we have focused on the layout of destinations around Shanghai, increased the capacity investment in airports such as Nanjing, Hangzhou and Wuxi, and implemented a loose policy of refunding, changing and signing to solve the problem of passengers' purchase Ticket worries. " Ren Yong said.
It is worth mentioning that in 2021, just as the COVID-19 continued to spread around the world, China Eastern Airlines rose to the challenge by innovating to establish a "marketing operation command room" to achieve centralized control over the company's global marketing from a full perspective, the whole chain and the whole process. The Commission of Commerce is one of the leading departments. The word "battle" conveys the "smoke of gunpowder" meaning that the front-line team of China Eastern Airlines grasps market changes and devotes itself to market competition, and also conveys the morale of the people of China Eastern Airlines, especially the party members of China Eastern Airlines, to overcome difficulties and compete bravely.
Timely follow up local epidemic prevention policies, accurately control the travel demand of passengers, and accelerate the optimization of route capacity... Now, from the main base in Shanghai to the whole country and even around the world, China Eastern Airlines' resumption of work and production is being promoted in an orderly manner, and the decision-making and command role of the Commission of commerce is becoming increasingly prominent in this battle against epidemic. This high-quality team, with the backbone of Party members as the core, has been running around for days, busy and orderly, and tightly twisted into a rope. The emerging new challenges and problems have become the normal work in the post epidemic era. However, the party members and cadres of China Eastern Airlines' Commerce Commission have never complained or considered giving up. "Each generation has its own long march, and each generation has its own mission. Perhaps the road under our feet is the long march of contemporary civil aviation people." Ren Yong said. Perhaps in their view, as a party member of the central enterprise of civil aviation, we must unswervingly do a good job in leading the team out of a new Long March.
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