The 150 scooter has become the most popular model in this sector at present, so we can contact more and more models, so we will make a brief inventory of the more representative models according to the style in this issue. (in no particular order)

I. sport Cruise

The first Haojue uhr150 is currently priced from 17680

The sport cruising style is a popular style of pedal motorcycles. Among them, the uhr150 built by Haojue has no advantage in price, but the quality control and riding texture are relatively ideal. Basically, it can be regarded as a good high-end road model in this level of models. Therefore, it is easier to stand out if it pays attention to the balance of the whole vehicle and does not deliberately emphasize a certain point.

The second Sanyang cruising 150x currently sells for 18800

This is a model that has been launched after the magic reform, because its predecessor is not a sports cruising style, but a flat floor model with some practical attributes and slightly cruising elements; However, with the increasing popularity of sports elements, this car has set a sports appearance and improved the configuration. It is not only equipped with dual channel ABS, but also integrated with TCS, which gives it certain advantages in appearance and configuration.

The third Tianying ts150 currently sells for 11680

This is a low-cost high imitation model, and its imitation object is the famous Yamaha nmax155; If we put the two models together, we can't tell who is who without a detailed comparison, so it's a good imitation of others. However, in addition to being able to imitate, this car will also do a lot of work in terms of configuration and price. It costs more than 10000 yuan and basically gives all the possible configurations, so it is a very attractive sports cruising scooter.

Article 4 infinite sr150gt price unknown

This car is still waiting to be launched, but the signal it releases is relatively strong. It wants to make a big splash through a high starting point and act as the boss. The capital of the sr150gt lies in its unconventional appearance, the engine tried by friends and the relatively perfect configuration performance. When these potential factors are gathered together, it shows the capital of the sr150gt. Whether it will go as usual depends on the final price.

The fifth Guangyang curve lover currently sells for 14680

As a 150 scooter with outstanding sports attributes, the early market position of Guangyang curve lover is unmatched, but now it is much worse than before. Fortunately, this car has also completed the latest optimization and upgrading, which not only lowered the price, but also enhanced the configuration, and retained its sports passion. Therefore, it is still the king of this level.

II. Retro style

The sixth Peugeot Jiange 150 is currently priced from 18800

This is the forerunner among the 20000 retro scooters. Its European retro style is unparalleled. Even some later generation models have borrowed its design concept to a certain extent. Therefore, the most worthy thing to say about this car is its stylish appearance, its pre conceived market background, and the cultural heritage that can be emphasized and displayed.

The seventh Victoria 150i is currently priced from 13980

This is also a model with a very strong European style, and its advantage lies in the appearance. However, the retro style of this car is a little special. It does not simply emphasize the rounded attribute, but also has an alternative element in it, but this does not affect the appearance beauty of its appearance.

The eighth Dayang vrf150 is currently priced from 14980

This car has just come into the market. The roundness of the whole vehicle is very outstanding, which is a bit similar to the European noble Vespa. Compared with the first two models, it also has some advantages in powertrain, because this vehicle will use the hybrid engine of 3.0 platform, which will improve and enhance its performance to a certain extent; At the same time, in addition to the integration of dual channel ABS, there will also be the blessing of TCS to make its configuration performance more awesome.

III Transboundary elements

The ninth Lifan kpv150 is currently priced from 13280

This is the first adv scooter in the mainland market, and it is also the only adv scooter with rigid body structure so far. Therefore, it is not only different in appearance design and appearance, but also has certain playability and off-road ability worthy of the name. It is the most powerful practitioner of ADV cross-border elements.

Section 10 Dayang adv150 currently sells from 15990

This is one of the cross-border adv pedals with a more aggressive shape design, but it is not only an imitation of shape similarity, but also has real core strength. For example, it is also equipped with a four valve water-cooled EFI engine with hybrid technology. With the continuous strengthening of the brand configuration, TCS is also integrated into the high configuration version, which makes it not only have an atmospheric appearance, but also have advantages in performance and configuration.

The above ten models are a brief inventory of the more representative models in the current market. In addition to them, there is also a class of models with cross-border elements and practical attributes. The typical representatives are Guangyang's first water-cooled 150 scooter rks150 and Dayang's vrc150, which can also be paid attention to. With so many car models, we can play in the later stage of use, and it is feasible to travel and relax.