These two electric tricycles have solid workmanship and outstanding endurance, and the service life of the whole vehicle exceeds 7 years

When it comes to electric tricycles, they are electric tricycles. Now, this car has an absolute advantage in the transportation of the elderly. However, there are too many tripods with poor quality on the market. It is difficult for people without driving experience to buy good tripods. I have been making three wheeled motorcycles for so many years. Let me introduce two three wheeled motorcycles to you!

01. Haibao Haikong No. 2

Haibao No. 2 has five cabins and three seats. The spacious indoor space can accommodate three adults. It adopts the most advanced ergonomic design, with high elasticity and double-layer thickening. The rear door opened at the side can open a large space, which is easy to carry items. If you put the car at the back, you can carry a lot of items.

The front and rear high carbon alloy buffers of this car are solid and firm. New three-layer lens headlamp, multi-purpose integrated through, internal LED light-emitting device, dazzling but not dazzling. Large wheels can withstand rain, wind and rain, and also play a very good protective role.

Haibao 2 is a lead-acid battery with a power of 800W and a maximum capacity of 60V. Its maximum service life can reach 40km.

02. A6 Niudian

The new design of the cutting-edge A6 is seamlessly combined with the color matching, and the overall design is atmospheric and fashionable, more fashionable; The classic through headlights and high rigidity body structure strengthen the strength of the body and improve the overall safety of the vehicle.

The length and width of the new model are 2660 mm /1300 mm /1620 mm. Five doors and three seats, aluminum alloy wheels, simple body shape, the body is a stamped steel plate, and the S-shaped side waist extends from the door to the tail, adding a bit of power to the body.

In terms of internal configuration, the new model is equipped with digital LED display, manual steering wheel, Bluetooth radio, high-end cab, double row wide seats, foam materials, two fist sized rear seats, two fist sized brackets, and retractable rear seats, which make it more comfortable to ride.

In terms of power, the rear axle has a power of 60v/1000w, a 2-speed gearbox, a 60v52ah high-capacity battery, and a maximum speed of more than 70km per hour.

The two models have one thing in common, that is, they have strong durability and endurance. They won't have too much problems after seven years of use. At the end of a year, the annual cost is less than 1000 yuan, which is much more cost-effective than motorcycles. What do you think of this? Please leave a message below!