3 models are suitable for office workers. They can be recharged once a week and can be licensed

Recently, major cities have once again issued severe crackdowns against excessive electric vehicles. During the transition period, several major cities where the travel restriction order is coming will set off a new upsurge of car replacement. So, can we use our car? The following three popular models are your answer:

Now CT1

The immediate gold CT1 is a new national standard electric vehicle, which is oriented to women, with a V-shaped roof and an angel circle type daytime light, and can reach up to 35 meters. Riding at night will be safer!

The interior space of this car is much larger than that of an ordinary battery car. A girl of 1.75 meters can ride on it. Moreover, a fuel-efficient handle is specially designed to lift the battery car easily.

In terms of power, the 400 Watt F1 engine, intelligent control, 48v16ah safety lithium battery, and the maximum speed can reach 60km / h. Charging once a week, wide seat back, comfortable, can be bought in big cities!

German 5

Devon's lieying 5 is a new standard electric vehicle modified by founder. It has a very aggressive appearance, equipped with two huge brakes and a double hydraulic buffer!

In the center is a suspended LCD with SOC accurate power, which can be seen at a glance even by the elderly.

In terms of power, lieying 5 is equipped with a 400W high-power motor, 48v16ah lithium ion, 50km away, once a week.


The No. 9 electric vehicle is a little famous in the electric vehicle industry, but the most popular is the A30. For 2000 yuan, you can enjoy all the intelligent control.

At the limit speed of 0-25 km / h (3S), plus the driving mileage of 41 km, the No. 9 A30 is definitely a value for money product.

These three electric bikes are not only beautiful in appearance, but also can be easily recharged, and there is no need to worry about the driver's license and driver's license. This is the greatest benefit for commuting!