Author: Nga crouchnga

Status. The purple dragon has been sorted out once in the previous version. It gives four attributes: type, whether to dispel, whether to spread, and whether to steal. I thought it would be a rich system, but in fact, more than 90% of the states can be determined by types. There are three types:

Beneficial state, most of which can be dispelled, diffused and stolen;

Harmful state, most of which can be dispelled, diffused and not stolen;

Most other states cannot be dispelled, diffused or stolen;

To put it simply, the beneficial state is buff, the harmful state is debuf, and other states are marks used to help realize some complex talents and skills.

There was nothing to say, but Bai Fu came back. The man who played with debuf had some ideas. I'll sort them out here. Mainly focus on buff debuf.

The most basic thing is to carry it. All enemies can carry buff debuf. Bai Fugui brings unconsciousness, which makes the debuf it carries invalid. It can be regarded as an immunity. Correspondingly, the buff carried will be invalid. When will it come?

Above the carry is the dispel applied by the basic movement.

Apply buff to assist the player.

Dispel buffs. Fire is good at dispelling buffs.

Apply debuf, dark system.

Dispel debuf, light system and zhuyou.

It is immune to these basic operations:

Dirty / dark immune buff;

Tianji seal / gaohuangjun immune application debuf;

Epidemic malaria / white reversion immune dispel debuf;

Another immune dispel buff is missing here. Wait.

Then there is the combination and transformation of exertion and dissipation. The word Zilong is very casual. Some words are called transformation, and there are fourorfive words such as reversal. Fortunately, it is not difficult to understand.

Convert buff to debuf;

It also converts debuf to buff;

The amount applied is consistent with the amount dispersed.

Immunity should be divided into dispelling and exerting.

Then there is a new basic operation copy / diffusion. Why not use the same word? Historical reasons. It may also be related to the end point of the state.

Han Wusha's big move spreads debuf enemy 2.

The optical system copy buf has been 2.

Maomao single point replicates buf enemy 2.

In the direction, it seems that there are two enemies missing. Don't hurry.

Immunity, estimated to be the same as the application, has not been measured.

Finally, there is another operation, steal / transfer. The name is related to the starting point of the state.

Is this a composite operation or a basic operation? I prefer to combine, copy and dispel.

A state has two independent attributes, whether it can be diffused or stolen. It seems that diffusion and stealing are independent. But at present, it seems that all States can be diffused and stolen. In the future, there will be counter examples to consider from this point of view.

From the perspective of immunity, I think it's better, but I haven't tested it. Is it equivalent to dispelling buffs when a character with filthy status steals buffs? Is it equivalent to diffusing the debuf when people suffering from malaria transfer the debuf?

Just steal buff enemy 2.

White reversion talent / great move transfer debuf has been 2.

White reversion talent / unconscious transfer debuf has 2 enemies.

There are two enemy directions here. Then, with diffusion / replication and steal / transfer, the state moves in all directions. Comfortable.