Author: Nga hocest

Play guardteach, local law, mermaid.

Guardian religion

Joan of arc is mother and saint is father. The new copper card 332 has guaranteed the lower limit of the card and evolution task. It is recommended to take two. As an old idea, the guardian cult will not be too bad in the early stage of the environment. General 1234 Xiao still has the strength to crush him in the early stage. However, the offensive ability is too poor. In the middle of the stroke, the opponent has no pressure to solve the field. For the royal guards, they teach a group of disabled people to attack three times and one time, and they simply can't mention their desire to solve the field. But for the puppet fish and the crazy ghost, beating the bishop has to think more.

Generally speaking, T2 has, but civil war is too painful.

indigenous method

Very strong, but suspected of stealing the environment. Jin 434 is very flexible. It costs four yuan to eat a piece of soil first, and five yuan to eat mud and sister lion is so terrible. But at present, if you don't take the 766, you may encounter a demon that can't be solved. Douzi is very nervous. He said that he stole the environment because the opponents he met at the beginning of the version didn't guard against earth fist.


With high upper limit and low lower limit, the second sister is still the core. Without the second sister, the operation of the whole card set is meaningless. You can consider the probability retrieval oQs with disaster mode. Now we can confidently bring three decisions. It is normal for us to finish the task with five fees. We can also finish the task with four fees faster. The problem with the puppet fish is that it is easy to eat when it comes to the self closing card group with many walls and milk, such as the guardian cult and various Baha'i card groups. It is expected that the Mermaid will gradually slow down and walk at a medium speed.

Influence factor

It's strange that I didn't meet a few fast emperors in one night. There are many Guardian religions (some even bring Baha'i for the civil war). There are many Baha'i groups. The resonant fish man and fish form is half open, and the mage is almost extinct. It can be seen that at the beginning of the version, there were not many people with a big goal.