Speaking of wine tasting, we have to talk about wine culture. Chinese wine culture is as long as Chinese history. We communicate in wine tasting, get to know each other and release our feelings. Let's have a drink to celebrate the wedding. It's also necessary for friends' gatherings. It can also be said that there is no banquet without wine. Drinking has been an indispensable thing in people's life, and drinking also represents celebration. At present, there are many kinds of liquor, including Baijiu, red wine and beer. These three kinds of liquor are the most we taste. As far as the weather is concerned, people like to drink Baijiu in winter, which can expel cold and promote blood circulation; Drinking beer in summer can quench thirst and avoid summer heat, so most women like to drink red wine, which is suitable for all seasons. It can also soften blood vessels and promote physical and mental health. It seems that there are many benefits of drinking. However, because the wine contains alcohol, we should not overdo it. We should also pay attention to protecting our body while drinking, so as to adapt to people. But people who drink alcohol always get drunk when their temperament is difficult to control. But this kind of situation is inevitable. As a person with strong self-control, it happens rarely. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the harm of drinking to the body. Its greater role is emotional communication. By tasting wine and discussing life, life can reach a certain level.

As for wine tasting, although I am not a professional, a few friends also drink together. As we are busy everyday, there are not many opportunities for relatives and friends to get together in some places. We should make an appointment in advance every time we get together. If something happens, everyone will get together; If it is a single wine tasting, few people have this state of mind. We are usually busy with work and livelihood. Many people are indifferent to eating and drinking, which leads to the apathy between people and the lack of the usual excitement. Some of my friends today are mainly classmates from middle school and playmates from my hometown. However, it is hard to see my classmates from college. Some of them are assigned colleagues who work for me, and some of them are relatives, which form their own circle of friends. Especially as a teacher, I have a small circle of friends, and even a small number of parents can become friends. For this reason, I believe that wine is inseparable from friends. What kind of people you are with will determine how much you drink. Of course, when you are happy, you will drink more. Many studies have proved that emotion is closely related to drinking.

But now the drinking places mainly belong to certain reasons for drinking, but such occasions are mostly formalistic and can not really communicate. If the communication is based on wine tasting, only a few or two people can communicate, otherwise it cannot be achieved. Because of the reason for drinking, everyone is very cautious and knows that drinking should not be greedy, otherwise the public will make jokes. Nowadays, there are many civilized drinkers. If you can drink, you can drink. The owner doesn't have to get drunk to finish it. It's basically a point to the end. Therefore, we are also cautious in drinking, which is mainly to maintain a sober communication while maintaining a pleasant state. For myself and myself, I don't drink at home. Sometimes I have two drinks with my father, which is also a bit comfortable. Generally, we all grew up watching our elders drink. When we drink with them, we also communicate more and enhance our feelings.

But in reality, there are also drinks that you can't drink. It's inevitable that there will be regrets. A few years ago, a college roommate got married and sent an invitation in advance to attend his wedding banquet. However, the distance between me and the friend was several provinces, so it was difficult to get there. In addition, things at home could not go away, but the explanation was not clear. It was a pity that I didn't go there. Generally speaking, it is necessary to participate. For this college student, we have the same hobbies, going to college, having classes together, playing basketball together, drinking together, etc. But it's a pity that we didn't drink together after graduation. Although we didn't make the trip that time, we were able to have that feeling when we were at school, and it was not in vain for our lifelong exchanges. The distance is far away, and time dilutes some of each other's feelings.

Recently, I got a gift from my friend. He is good at eating, tasting, cooking and sharing food. Each time he would bring some of his own innovative food to share with us, and we are very grateful to him. Some time ago, I made some mulberry wine, that is, Baijiu soaked mulberry. Then one bottle for each family member and friend. The packaging is very exquisite. So when I thanked him, I told him"This wine is the only way to relieve your worries." This also shows that the friendship between people can also be expressed in wine, which is a good way.

Wine tasting is not drinking, wine tasting is art. For example, if you enjoy a painting or listen to a piece of music, it is impossible to tell whether it is good or bad without art and music cultivation. Wine tasting is not the patent of masters. If you master it, you will really enjoy the beauty of wine. With the improvement and improvement of material life, wine has become an indispensable part of social activities. Therefore, wine tasting activities are assuming more and more important social functions in China. This is doomed to the important role of wine in communication. Only by understanding wine can we feel the charm of wine culture.