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On May 10, Chengdu Intelligent Computing Center, the largest artificial intelligence computing center in Southwest China, was officially launched as a model project of the Chengdu Chongqing hub node of the national integrated big data center of "counting from the east to the west".

Chengdu intelligent computing center includes three platforms: artificial intelligence computing platform, urban intelligent brain platform and scientific research and innovation platform.

Where is the "wisdom" of the Intelligent Computing Center reflected? What can it bring to Sichuan?

The pictures of the first batch of representative enterprises signing contracts on site are provided by Huawei

Where is smart computing center?

Focus on artificial intelligence track and build Ai computing Highland

Wang Kun, general manager of Huawei's Sichuan Tibet region, introduced that the Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform of Chengdu Intelligent Computing Center adopts AI cluster based on shengteng AI basic software and hardware, and the computing power in the first phase reaches 300p, which is equivalent to the computing power of 150000 high-performance PCs.

Where is the "wisdom" of the Intelligent Computing Center reflected?

"Unlike general computing power, the Intelligent Computing Center is mainly responsible for computing in the field of artificial intelligence." Wang Kun said that among the three platforms of the Intelligent Computing Center, the computing power platform mainly provides artificial intelligence computing power and inclusive AI computing power, which is used for the most cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation and business incubation industry application of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and serves the intelligent upgrading of thousands of industries and industries; Based on Huawei cloud, the urban smart brain platform will build a smart Chengdu Urban cloud base to carry applications in transportation, security, medical treatment, government, emergency, education, environmental protection, remote sensing, Internet and other industries; The scientific research innovation platform will build a multi-level and sustainable talent ecosystem, carry out artificial intelligence teaching cooperation relying on Colleges and universities, and strengthen collaborative innovation between enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Why Chengdu?

"There are double superimposed advantages of computing power demand and natural resources." The eight major nodes of the "calculation from east to west" project are divided into two categories: one is the node with concentrated calculation demand; The other is the node of natural resource enrichment. "Chengdu Chongqing area is classified into the former category. At the same time, it has good natural resource endowment. It is the only node with double superposition advantages among the eight nodes." Wang Kun said that such advantages will bring greater development space to Chengdu.

This was reflected in the launch ceremony. 12 enterprises signed a joint solution for computing service incubation on site, covering smart city, smart industry and other aspects.

What can it bring to Sichuan?

Build the "diversity" of computing power and provide a more complete scheme for "counting from the east to the west"

"Chengdu will have a more complete system of Intelligent Computing and even a more diversified computing center in the west of the province." At the launch ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Chengdu municipal government said.

"In a sense, it also enriches the 'land' resources of our AI industry." He Zhaofeng, general manager of Chengdu hi tech Zone electronic information industry development Co., Ltd., believes that the development of artificial intelligence industry is inseparable from the three plates of computing power, algorithm and data. Computing power is the "land" of artificial intelligence. Only on more diverse land can more diverse business forms be "grown".

The early trial operation of the Intelligent Computing Center has shown this feature, and the achievements in different fields are in full bloom: the Chengdu Institute of Plateau Meteorology of the China Meteorological Administration, in conjunction with the University of Electronic Science and technology, the basic model of weather forecast based on the incubation of the computing power of the Intelligent Computing Center - Chengdu kuiniu, has shortened the update frequency of short-term and imminent forecast to 10 minutes; Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and Sichuan University hatched the industry's first basic animal feature recognition model - Chengdu Panda, which will help accelerate the intelligent upgrading of ecological detection, modern animal husbandry and other industries; The multi-modal and multi task intelligent model of remote sensing incubated by the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aerospace · intelligent translation, will develop a multi task model for the field of aerospace information intelligent interpretation

In fact, for the understanding of "diversity of computing power", the "new infrastructure construction plan for the 14th five year plan" of Chengdu just released a few days ago gives the answer - to build a computing power system of "Supercomputing Center + Intelligent Computing Center + Cloud Computing Center + edge computing center". Among the seven key tasks mentioned in the "14th five year plan" for new infrastructure construction in Sichuan Province, the construction task of "intelligent computing power system" is also defined.

No matter from which level, intelligent computing power has become an important link in the construction of diversified computing power system.

What changes will the computational power of diversity bring to Sichuan?

The relevant person in charge of the provincial development and Reform Commission said that on the one hand, it will promote the upgrading of integrated infrastructure, focusing on intelligent transportation, smart energy, smart water conservancy, digital municipal administration and other fields; On the other hand, the development level of innovation infrastructure will be improved, and the construction of major science and technology infrastructure clusters, national (key) laboratory system, industrial technology innovation platform and new achievement transformation platform will be further strengthened.

"Computing power is like 'electricity' in the industrial era. Under the background of 'counting from the east to the West', the construction of diversified computing power system will boost the transformation from 'Watt' to 'bit' in our province, and digital technology will also have the opportunity to provide better services for the high-quality economic development of the province." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Communications Administration said.

[source: Sichuan online]

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